'It Sells Itself' by Group C

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It Sells Itself
Shock Ending
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The infomercial at the beginning was really funny. Great acting and graphics. Well done


that was sugar at the end right?


You guys should have made the whole thing an infomercial haha! That was definitely the strongest part, and a 7 minute infomercial isn't a bad idea for 48 hours if it's done right, and with the Shock Ending genre, the possibilities are endless.

The rest of you story seemed to just spiral down to what was, admittedly, a clever ending with the cocaine. I think the actors were all probably a bit young to pull off a convincing office environment. Still. In another life, that hilarious 7 minute infomercial could have made it pretty far in the competition.


Hahaha!! Very creative. You obviously had a lot of fun making this.


Great intro to the film with some laughs and a decent performance from the infomercial host. Pity that the rest of the film was so boring. The same shock ending would have worked in the infomercial. If you were just trying to give everyone a role to play make them testimonials or something. Unless your shock ending was that after an entertaining intro the rest of the film was supposed to be boring, in which case, SUCCESS.


Was that the son of muscle powder host "shotgun.co.nz"? And you guys relied on the V supplied by 48 to get you through the weekend and not something else I'm sure. What's a man at the door with and axe about? Shotgun.co.nz. Good concept overall guys.


Equal parts awkward and funny.


Well acted, Funny start. Good camerawork. Good twist at the end.