'A Slice of Bad Luck' by Gozu Survivors Club

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A Slice of Bad Luck
Black Comedy
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Ahhhhhhhhh! Yuk. Toilet humour at its most litteral.


I appreciate the genre you guys got.. Laughed at the toilet humour though I didn't understand what was going on with the dead/alive guy.


Every year someone has to do a trapped in the toilet film, usually though they aren't this crap. Sickening (but good) use of prop. A friend suggested that our team enters next year as the Gozu Survivors Club Survivors Club. I think he was joking though.


Cringe, Cringe, and cringe. But in a good way. i.e made me squirm and go eww.. ahhh... really? And if you can make me do that then its all good. Bread for toilet paper? eww.. ahh.. really? Good on your actors for showing a bit of brown eye on camera. Poor cameraman. And man I'm hoping that was nutella or some other s..t substitute. eww... ahh.. really. Could have almost been a buddy genre movie too. Well done guys. eww... ahh


You got black comedy and you went for it. It's a tough genre, so kudos for that. There was a lot of cringing around the audience, and I know that feeling very well from my more dangerous shorts, so good for you in embracing the foulness.