'FULL CIRCLE' by Goodfellas

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Mistaken Identity
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Another well done production from the Goodfellas. Some slick shots, particularly with the drone shot at the openning and closing scenes. Really well filmed throughout (Really hate clowns though so I spent some of the time behind my scarf!!!!) Liked the way it all made sense in the end.


Very obvious that these guy were in a class of their own!! Very flashy shots, and a really impressive creative story line!


The Goodfellas do it again. Great shooting and movement to compliment the good story plot. That clown! Man! I would crap myself if I encountered that in the bush, or in the street, or anywhere. Awesome job guys, loved it.


What can I say, I love this team. And I've loved them ever since 'In search of Bigfoot' in 2008. Their performances are always top notch, and this time around I'd say they also had the most polished production in the entire heat. I'm sure there are a bunch of drone shots in the comp this year, but this is the first I've seen and it was super clean and well used.


I adore Goodfellas, so I say this with a heavy heart: I felt let down by their entry this year.

It was still a very solid short with on-point performances and sturdy plotting that pulls off the titular 'full circle'. However, tonally I felt this film was off. I know, it sounds like a dumb thing for me to criticise, but Goodfellas have always been so sharp with the different tones of their films.

From the first (and final) excellent drone shot, there's an ominous mood surrounding the film - one that gets cut down by an odd comedic turn that never quite glued.