'HarpsApocalyptic' by Get In Behind

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Last Person on Earth
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We are very grateful and overwhelmed with your kind responses. We feel we are in very high company with all the teams in our heat. To themorgan, thanks for the stars, we couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

This was a very difficult genre to have everything tied up neatly. This team did a good job at a difficult task. The female lead was a good with some believable moments. Well done!


This was my pick of the heat, the ridiculousness of the situation wasn't lost on the team and they hammed it up to the right level to have some decent laughs. Best use of the Harper character in the heat. I hope his V addiction isn't auto-biographical, I want to see more and diabetes is a terrible disease.


Really fun team, totally charming dialogue and great interaction between your characters. Was this your first time? Very well done. Welcome to the comp and I look forwarding to seeing what you come up with next time.

(A deal's a deal, you get all the stars.)