'Glasnost' by Fractal Pandas

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Buddy Movie
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An animated film, following a man who takes one small step into the big black beyond. Film poster here: http://imgur.com/2BrUXmr

A slick animation about the Russians beating the USA to land on the moon. But the astronaut and cosmonaut breaking down the barriers and becoming friends. Very simple but enjoyable little film....Well done!


Very clever animation.


I've never done it, so I imagine animation must be in alot of ways harder than filming actors. I liked it. I was hoping at one stage they would open thier helmets to drink thier vodka, or insert the bottle into thier hose inlets on the suits. "Helmet fills up with vodka?". The story was a good take on the buddy genre. Nice


Really clean animation, great work getting it done in 48. Nice motion, ok voices. Pretty impressed.


An American astronaut and Soviet Cosmonaut buddy up on the moon.

Hard not to like this well-animated, nicely voiced, feel-good story. I love the lingering body contact just after the golf swing. Nice touch!

Great stuff - I hope you get an animation nomination.