'Barry's World' by Dogs Breakfast

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Barry's World
Other Dimension Movie
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A simple story about Barry, the donkeyfish, and the world he lives in. Barry, the outcast of the seahorse world, moved to the city where he tries to fit in but finds that being a donkeyfish is difficult, no matter where (or what dimension) you live. Excuse the lack of voice variation, there was only two of us this year.

Another Lego animation from dogs breakfast. A step up from last year's entry with the rocket in my opinion- I much preferred the kiwi accent over the faux American. Brilliant sets, nice characters and neat details that zip by in the background for just a moment.


Every entry from Dogs Breakfast Gobsmacks me - making a functional stop-mo LEGO short in 48 hours is a work of warlocks. 'Barry's World' is a notch above amusing, animated and paced better than their entry last year.

But with an ending that puts a harsh handbreak on the plot, I just don't think it really went anywhere. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, for you could argue that it's a slice-of-life story from an alternate dimension.


Weird concept, but I liked it. I was really impressed by the stop motion of the lego, but some of the humour relied a little too much on quirkiness and being random. That being said I did find the film pretty funny.


It's a shame that the team intro was so professionally animated, because it made the following stop-motion, which I would have otherwise found incredible, a bit of a downer.

I got a BoJack Horseman vibe from more than just the protagonists' similarities. I really loved the other dimension you set up, in the world of lego there are no rules to what everyone has to look like.

Story ended pretty abruptly however. Just like this review.


Great effort to do stop motion in 48hrs, but the idea might wear thin a third time. Really enjoyed the humour apart from a couple of lines which fell flat. Lack of voice variation wasn't an issue, I didn't notice at the time. I thought some of the images were a bit over exposed / blown highlights? Overall pretty enjoyable and funny, although the story didn't really go far.