'It's a Mystery, Mr Key' by Bad Intentions

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It's a Mystery, Mr Key
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There's a lot of talent in this team. All the actresses were VERY funny, and the camera work wasn't too bad either. I think next year y'all should find a better writer and a better editor, and ditch the at-the-time-topical political jokes, because they age VERY fast. If you put more effort into a cohesive story and kept the hilarious performances I think you guys could make it to the city finals.


This was a weird one. I say that in the positive. There was only a semblance of a story and characters, which would ordinarily be a cause for concern, but something about this film kept me interested. Perhaps it was the humerous performances, or the not too subtle political overtones (#ponytailgate), or maybe just the sheer difference from everything else in the heat. Whatever it was, it felt well put together and everything flowed nicely. Another young team with a bright future