'Where Moose' by Discretely Offensive

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Where Moose
Cat and Mouse
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I was so blown away by this film - absolutely amazing! You guys had such a great idea and established it so well. The acting was great, especially for the guy hunting the moose; I especially loved the "camera boy" line. Cinematography was faultless - you guys chose some beautiful locations. I can tell you all put a lot of work into this and it definitely paid off. Absolutely hilarious and just great in every aspect. Huge well done. :)


I felt the premise was good as was the acting. I loved the documentary part at the beginning. The whole thing kind of fell apart for me though with all the hand held stuff. It felt as if you were substituting audience comfort for an aesthetic that didn't quite work. For me it was hard to watch. Maybe if you had set it up with the hand held and then locked off a couple of shots just to stop the constant motion? I will continue to watch our for Wheremooses whenever I travel to the city though. :)


Really cool film, and the type of movie that this competition seems to love.

Focus seemed pretty soft all the way through though, and the shaky camera didn't help. Acting was hilarious. Story wasn't very original but it was funny.


Hilarious film, and got a great crowd reaction. Excellent dialogue, but a little too much shaky cam. "Camera boy" lines were top notch.