'Plan B' by Best Boys

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Plan B
Science Gone Mad
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One of my favourites from the night. The little girl was such a great actor, and the cinematography was perfect. Genius story too. :) I wouldn't be too surprised to see your film in the Auckland finals!


A fun and cute story told well. The two lead girls did a wonderful job playing rivals to one another. I really enjoyed the confetti time travel effect. It was a great start to the heat. A joy to watch, well done!


Probably the best film overall in the heat. It definitely felt the most polished, unlike a lot of others which didn't seem finished. The young actresses were hilarious and looked like they had a great time doing it. The story was a little weak but I liked the end message about inventing time travel.


Awesome actors, nicely shot and edited. Story line might have needed a little extra oomph, but regardless I was surprised that it didn't make top 3 in the audience votes!