'He's got the moves!' by zer05um

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He's got the moves!
Musical/Dance/Beach Party or Rockumentary
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Thank the gods that 'Dance' was offered as an alternate to musical this year! We had a blast and that was by far the most After Effects we've ever attempted in a 48s film. Glad that the audience seems to have enjoyed it! Onwards to 2016.

Nice cosplay costumes, nice FX. Was expecting someone to sing something eventually though, since it was a musical. Thought the cleaners acting was pretty good


Good clean fun, great costumes and effective visual effects. You do need to work on your dance moves, you will never pull that way.

Metal Wizard wants his armour back.


I didn't enjoy the film as much as others seemed to, though no one film will please everyone. Harper's dance moves were fantastic, but I think there needed to be more. I recognise using Dance as your final weapon probably counted for the genre, but I expected the other characters to dance as well - though maybe that's my own personal opinion.

Overall, an enjoyable watch, if somewhat jarred by some echoey audio. Loved the cosplay! Especially the Steampunk getup.


The film started off so well and I was really looking forward to where it was heading, but everything that had been set up felt like it was tossed aside. The character we were introduced to became secondary while we were bombarded with plot and backstory that there wasn't enough time to set up. I wanted to follow the cleaner's exploits but instead I found myself thrown around from character to character and fed pointless dialogue and action while the real story took place elsewhere. Overall the film was shot relatively well and the VFX did the job, especially with the limited timeframe, but the film's jumbled plot structure and the often poor audio made this a really hard film to enjoy.


Thoroughly enjoyed the film. VFX not bad given the time constraints. Loved the dancing cleaner. Nice costumes. Sound a bit echoy


I applaud zer05um for not going with the cop-out Rockumentary option, but this wasn't a dance film. This was a film that had dancing in it. Subtle but significant difference. The film seemed to rely heavily on stereotypes instead of building characters. It was like the start of a joke (a goth, a steampunker, and an android walk into a bar...). The only real character, the enthusiastic janitor, got sidelined by the rest of the cast and the film definitely suffered for it.

The film was competently shot and edited, the VFX seemed rushed but were effective enough, and the performances did the trick. What let this film down (other than the unfortunately echo-laden audio) was the writing. Trying to cram in all of the wildly different genre characters together felt really forced. Just cause you have some awesome costumes doesn't mean you HAVE to use them. Story comes first!