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AI Tutoring
Shock Ending
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Parts of this were really good, nice FX, there was some good acting, especially the guy in the car. But it didn't gel overall.


Great VFX, specially on the opening credits. The ending, which I will not give away here, was a great idea but executed poorly. The sound effects f'd it.

Metal Wizard disapproves of bread usage. Not only did it ruin the performance, it made him puke in his mouth a little.


This team normally does 3D animation, right? I respect them fro wanting to try new things, but this film didn't turn out so well. I had real trouble following exactly what was happening and was forced to piece it all together after the fact. I really didn't get the ending.

The lead actor did a pretty good job all things considered, and the bread... moment... was something to behold. But unfortunately it wasn't enough to carry the rest of what was a pretty disjointed film. If this team plans on going live action again next year, maybe play to their strengths. Keep the idea simple and integrate some interesting VFX that work with the story.