'Love At First Kill' by Welcome Stranger Films

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Love At First Kill
Black Comedy
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Gets the award for most frequent and gratuitous use of the word fuck in a short film. Funny, but a bit disjointed. Did like the stripper strangling scene!
Didn't much like the split screen shots, maybe thats some homage to some gritty crime movie I haven't seen.


The good guys and bad guys were a little too alike, resulting in me wanting to see the "good guys" get knocked off. It certainly was black, but comedy didn't really factor. I know for a fact that if someone gets on stage and just lets rip with a bunch of profanity it doesn't make that person a stand up comedian, actors doing the same in a film doesn't make them funny either.

Metal Wizard had a prophetic lyric on the way to Heat 21, when he ate at a bar where he had seen a certain stripper do something untoward in the kitchen, lo and behold said stripper died in this film. OOOOOEEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!!


Rather disjointed and patchy; some sections worked, but others felt either shoe-horned in or not quite ready. It certainly got the dark side, but as noted elsewhere, didn't really hit the comedy angle at all. I give it 3 stars because, as I said, when it works it was really rather watchable. I agree with Daronjay, the split-screen was a bit distracting.


This movie was straight f*cked up. Too much stripping and way too much strangling. I thought for sure the genre must have been horror be case there wasn't much comedy in this one. It also had the weirdest ending of all the shorts I had seen. We see a girl sitting on the toilet, filmed in portrait an she becomes a tarot card , then a jump frame back to her and credits. Left me feeling icky.


This film left me feeling physically ill. I hate to really tear into the work of others but I could not stand this film. It tried to do so many things and failed on all accounts. Best thing I can suggest for this team going forwards is to really strip everything back (no pun intended) and find out what you're good at. Really practice creating simple but effective shorts and work on perfecting all different areas one at a time. Don't give yourself too much to do until you're ready, otherwise you'll stretch yourself too thin and everything will fall flat.


I don't even know where to begin with this one. It just felt like a slew of half formed ideas, that could have been really interesting, but instead turned into a chaotic storm of 'what the hell?' Had a really hard time trying to figure out who the protagonist was (still not really sure) and really wasn't invested in any of the characters which meant I didn't give a damn when any of them got taken out. This was an interesting concept that could have had some legs but it needed focus to avoid the clusterfuck it turned into!