'Mr Nibbles' by Twerkers Collective

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Mr Nibbles
Cat and Mouse
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The cat and old lady combo is pretty much undefeatable. The old adage of "never work with children or animals" was well and truly proven wrong here, fantastic use of both! Seriously, how the heck did you get that cat to perform?!

Metal Wizard approves of filming animals pooping, your poop sentinel did an outstanding job.


Simple story well executed, and seriously, how did you wind up with such a cooperative cat? Overall I thought that this film had some of the clearest audio of the evening and it worked on a number of levels. Good stuff!


Knew which film would steal the audience favourite show right from the first shot of Mr Nibbles. This team utilised a wonderfully cute cat and a delightful elderly actress to provide one of the most entertaining and well-made films of the heat. Great job!


Definitely the best film of the night. Great little story with some truly sick jokes. The cat's preformance really stole the show.

Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the city finals.


I really enjoyed this. Every aspect was a cut above the other films in the heat from composition to audio to story. I laughed out loud multiple times but I also felt like I had seen a complete story so you really hit the mark with this. Respect for featuring a cat as your main actor, you absolutely pulled it off. Fantastic film, would watch again!


I was not in any way surprised when I saw this had won the audience award. I was apprehensive when the film started - you know that old role about who you shouldn't work with in the biz - but instead of being a mess of a film at the mercy of a cat doing its own thing, the film turned out to be both inventive and hilarious! How the team managed to get the cat to perform so amazingly is beyond me.

If I had to add some criticism (and I kind of don't want to), I would say that it could have been a bit tighter in places. Like some of the jokes were drawn out just a tad too far. Also the cinematography could have been better, but to be honest that's just nitpicking cause it really didn't matter. The simple yet engaging story, the great humour, and of course the cat's cuteness factor carried the whole thing to lofty heights.

Can we expect a Mr Nibbles 2? I would pay good money for that.


A really very strong entry and well deserving it's audience choice award. Having a cat and a sweet old lady was the icing on the cake, but the story itself holds together so well. As noted elsewhere, a couple of the gags might be a little over-played but that's to be pickier than is needed. A really solid showing and you should be really proud.


Nicely done very cool story. The voice acting for the cat was great and just made watching the cat's tremendous performance even better. I think some of the framing could be improved to look more cinematic and perhaps some color grading so that some of the scenes look less red/orange, other than that great flick.