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Science Gone Mad
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Had a lot of fun making this! There were only two of us working on this film as well as acting and we managed to create a cohesive story with no major mistakes that I'm aware of. I'm a little confused as to where the boom was supposed to be seeing as we never used one, but I digress. We finished the film on Saturday night so next year we're going to be far more ambitious!

Clever concept, but a bit uneven in places. Somewhat mixed acting effort, but some amusing scripting. Generally well filmed.


It was more pseudo-science gone mad, but still a cool concept. I like the ending but having the whole thing as a revenge flick could have been really awesome.

Metal Wizard approves of shots that focus on the back of characters heads instead of the lead actresses face, with boom in shot to top it off. Magical.


A simple but very effective take on the futuristic theme. I enjoyed the use of the voiceover, giving it an infomercial feel, but still "Science Gone Mad" -esque with that hint of dystopia.


I rather liked the simple approach taken here, and short as it was, I think it could have been a little shorter still; the pacing just tripped itself up at the end and it slowed down. Neat concept and in general nicely shot (boom notwithstanding)


I really liked the simple approach, something that a lot of teams could take notes from. Considering that there were only two people on the team, this turned out great! Obviously there is no such thing as a 'perfect' 48 Hours film and things can always be improved. I think this film could have been trimmed down a bit more to increase the focus, but really, a simple idea executed well. The voice over was well written and delivered and served as a great counterpoint to the action on screen.

A lot of really laugh out loud moments (the book scene? Brilliant). I hope this pair continues on together next year and builds on what they achieved here. I think it'll turn out really cool!

For the record, I didn't notice a boom (or even a pseudo-boom).