'Conscience' by Team Madman

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Musical/Dance/Beach Party or Rockumentary
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A slobby man learns some important lessons from his conscience.

This team obviously had a blast and it showed. Lots of fun and some great musical chops. Sound mixing was a little off and editing could've been a bit tighter, but the excellent group song/dance made up for it. I was also a bit confused about the very end - was he trying to get back with his girlfriend? What was up with the sweater? I wasn't sure, but the film left a smile on my face.


Good film, some funny bits and lot's of fun, only thing I noticed was some of the lip syncing was off which put me off, and I didn't get the ending, apart from that all good.


Great music and dancing were the highlights here, it looked like a lot of fun to make. I think maybe the ending could have done with a bit more clarity, because I'm really not too sure what happened, sorry.


Awesome work & choreo!


It was pretty rough but the songs were really well written and the music was good which is probably the most important thing in the musical.
The whole get a job premise worked pretty well for them though for some reason I can't remember how it ended.