'Death and Cupid' by Stormy Love & Company

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Death and Cupid
Rom Com
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Death and Cupid battle it out over the fate of a couple on a picnic.

This was definitely the slickest film of the heat, and it had a nice little story to go with it too. Really appreciated that it kept it short and sweet. Great concept guys!


A pretty neat film, when it started off I was thinking, "This is a bit cheesy" and then they really went into it and I saw where the concept was going. Basically it's a debate between "Love" or Cupid though I don't remember if they called him that who is finally going to get a couple together and Death who has the woman on her list. The ending was pretty good but I'm not sure about the middle of the film I thought it dragged a little bit but just a little bit.


This film was well constructed, with good setups and payoffs. It even managed to have some visual panache, which is a bit of a feat in this competition. A minor nitpick would be that the sound mixing was a tiny bit hit and miss. This is absolutely a short to be proud of!


While the film was well-produced, I wasn't sold on some of the acting and the humour fell a bit flat for me.