'Hazza & Me' by Spitting Monkey Knife Fight

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Hazza & Me
Buddy Movie
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A hard-case woman leaves her husband, only to find that her dream man is not who she expected.

Some great "kiwi bloke" comedy in this one. I also thought the twist at the end was neat. What really let it down for me was seeing the woman punched in the head - I didn't think it was necessary for the film to work, and I lowered my rating of the film accordingly because of it.


I'm personally growing a little tired of this style of short where you've got a sort of mockumentary have the characters talk to the camera thing but nevertheless I still enjoyed it I think.
Sort of a "love triangle" going on if you could call it that, the girl is annoyed with the roommates relationship with her boyfriend? And she's been saving her money to leave with a secret lover.
Good film for a chuckle I guess but not one of the more polished of the heat.


I found this film pretty fun, with two well-characterised leads and lots of fun moments. If I was to make one suggestion, I'd say the ending would've had a little more punch if one of the characters was permitted to show more emotion and win the audience over a little more. I also enjoyed the copious amounts of Iron Maiden merch! \m/