'Unbearable Love' by Space monkey

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Unbearable Love
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Space monkey guarantees an 'omfg' moment - and they delivered, this time with a teddy bear.


An abused woman's boyfriend comes home and forgets their anniversary, but then her gift for him has its own surprise.

Unfortunately the rating went way down because of the ending, which I won't spoil here.


A story about a woman and her terrible abusive boyfriend on their anniversary, props to them for trying to tackle a serious subject like that and they certainly got the reaction from the crowd it was rough around the edges but I don't think that's the problem with the film.
Effectively I think it just didn't nail the horror aspect of the film, it kind of tries something at the end but that's where the film falls down I think, probably could have done the ending scene a bit more of a horror instead of finishing the joke.


Clearly the best film in the heat, like a twisted version of 'Ted', love the ending, definitely deserves to win the city final.


It's hardly a 48hours heat without at least one film that abandons all notions of good taste in search of a big audience reaction. This one got a reaction all right, but unfortunately it came from the tired tropes of domestic and sexual violence, which I honestly found quite off-putting. The big twist was great, with real potential, but it's a shame it was handled in such an ugly way.