'One Is The Loneliest Number' by Raging Hedgehog Productions

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One Is The Loneliest Number
Last Person on Earth
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Had a very good laugh at this one, really enjoyed it. Had a really well-polished feel. Love the shot with the main actor laughing maniacally. And seriously nice work scoring the Benny Tipene music!


Clever and entertaining, revolting ending though.


My word this was smooth. Perhaps not to everyone's liking but there's no arguing with the production value.
Some really superb moments in this film and scored laughs in the right places.
I want to say this was one of my favourites but hard to say how it will sit with the wider audience.


USB gag was on point and hilarious. Film went down hill for me from there. It relied too much on montage to tell the story. I would have liked more dialogue.


Great film, loved the opening sequence. Music was really good, but slightly over-powering at times. The montage had some great moments, but a little bit of monologue could also have anchored the film and opened up opportunities for some more of their excellent humour. Overall a very good job!


Clever set-up with the USB gag that didn't really end up leading anywhere special.

Art direction and locations were good, and the premise, which I'm guessing was pitched as 'last man on earth tries to create a woman a'la frankenstein' could have been a lot stronger and pushed more forward as Harper's main objective.

The unlicensed music really took me out of the film too, would have really liked to hear a more ambient score.


Cinematography was on point, and the opening scene was really well done. To be honest, I got bored through the montages that made up the chunk of the film, and ended up skipping through it a little.