'Hitlers lost bollock' by The Purple Dragons

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Hitlers lost bollock
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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Good premise- A trademe auction of the titular item.
Some lovely comedy in the petrol station built into a good chase sequence (loved the asthma line) which built nicely.
Some of the audio was a bit wobbly.
Liked the lead actor, he developed his character well.
Clearly a fun film to be involved with


With a title/premise like that I was set up to hate it and OMG did I not. Great mockumentary that paid attention to the little things such as having the crew *accidentally* in the shot - funny! Oh and the subtitles! And the blacked-out swears!


I loved the use of mocumentary here, breaking continuity was fun and the film looked great and was well written. And skirting on Hitler humour was good too… I feel like a prude for saying this... but you probably lost three stars of your rating from the 'Auschwitz' joke... damn i feel like a loser for this but yeah… When the audience laughed and then caught themselves laughing in semi-horror at that joke/themselves for laughing I definitely felt *baaad*

But kudos for going there, you got a reaction out of me, and most of the cinema.


A wild race through Palmerston North on the trail of Hitler's lost Bollock, with Morgan - Detective by Day/Crime Solver by night.
Really enjoyed this one once it started to pick up the pace, and got past the talking heads. I felt that the host character didn't really add much to the story, which was a bit thin.
Super enjoyable lead and detailing of the crew - loved the makeshift boom.
All technical elements were beautifully realised, including a great shock fx moment.
Turned out to be one of my favourites from the heat. Awesome stuff.