'Morgan is a Walrus ' by Jack Bauhaus

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Morgan is a Walrus
The Race against the Clock Movie
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After seeing 5 heats so far this year, this is my favourite yet. The story was whimsical and sweet - silly without being ridiculous. Some great dialogue in this film -my notes have "AQUA-PRISON" underlined. All actors did a wonderful job and were very convincing, I think I like this movie too much and may be buying into it idk idk idk idk. Beautifully shot, perfect sound.


Strongest of a strong heat; such a cool premise and 2.5(?) leads who really 'dove' into their roles. Only gripe would be how the film looked, I guess I'm superficial though... I liked the lead’s radio voice, and the pacing of the ‘undersea’ representative’s very first appearance with us being distracted by the ball...

Overall super-fun, clearly some gifted creative people involved - AWESOME!


Accent kept changing for our main walrus but it was breezy, consistent and light hearted. A couple of films in this heat suffered from sound issues but this wasn't one of them. I love crazy concepts and in this tale of a "walrus" seeking continued domestic bliss, we saw some nice dialogue and solid production. A little dragging out of the concept but one of daughters top films of the heat


In some regards I liked this and in others I totally didn't.
The use of the prop seemed totally forced and was not well integrated.
The problem was I could see the end from the beginning and therefore lost interest.
The end sequence was really well shot.