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Podcast Love
The Rom Com
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I really dug this concept, a point of contention with some who I watched this with: it was corny but fun. My big but is... if your going to make a podcast based rom-com, sound has got to be your number one priority! With such a dialogue heavy concept (and by what I heard of the riffing between the Russian and Italian/French (earnestly didn't know) you had some real talent in the writing room) you need to be making sure we can hear what it is you've worked so hard on! Female lead sort of just 'was' but that seemed to be what the role required. I must stress, I really wanted to like/watch/hear this movie!


This film follows a girl who is trying to learn a language via her ipod. The voice of the ipod tries to chat her up.
The image was clear and looked sharp, but the premise wasn't up to much and allowed for no story to really hook into. We followed her walking around Wellington listening to voices.
Story is king; this story wasn't even a prince.


As a huge podcast addict I was really excited by this cool idea, and honestly may have dreamed of a miniature companion piece to Her.
The film had some great images, but I struggled to hear past the score to the dialogue.
Perhaps some compression on the voice over could have made things a bit easier to mix.


A woman is hit on by the sentient narrators of her “learn to speak Russian” audiobook. She must ignore their advances… or else.

A genuinely intriguing premise that really made me curious about the larger world of this story. I wanted to know who are these characters in the audio book, how can they see what’s going on, and would they do if successful in their seduction? Two of the three characters were represented only by their voice, a tough thing to do in film (go watch Her to see this done masterfully).

Really suffered from a lack of characterisation in the female lead. Her ipod is TALKING TO HER! How would that make her feel? How would you honestly react to that?

I have to say I was really irritated by the soundtrack. Music has a huge role to play in creating the tone of the film, and the constant upbeat score made the film very one note.


This film was one of the reasons they should include sound level specifications as part of the technical criteria for submission (although I admit that would be difficult to complete due to different specifications and levels of expertise) , whilst the sound was audible at the same time it was difficult to hear over the score which was a shame because the dialogue was extremely well written and the accents of a high quality,

I still quite enjoyed this film, it was a simple plot and there were some scenic cut away that allowed moments for the brain to catch up with the ongoing dialogue. A nice ending, well shot, just the sound volumes that meant I missed parts