'Show me the way to go home' by Indie Lyrics

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Show me the way to go home
The Time Travel Movie
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Second attempt at the review. I wrote about the wrong film...
I liked the concept and felt it was quite well executed. A bit on the simplistic side with the narrative.


I believe the above reviewer has his films mixed up. This was not a musical but rather a clever time travel story where a man spoke to himself while floating in the sea and upon chanting a incantation (title of film) was transported back in time for a brief time-frame in the attempt to correct a lie (he is Morgan, duh). Mostly enjoyed this film, particularly the opening shot of him floating which was stunning. Felt that the last scene in which he travels back to visit his child was forced and unnecessary - also was that kid just alone at home? Is that ok?


Super ambitious effort here, I think it paid off too. A scuba diver surfaces* in what appeared to be the Cook Strait, without any sign of his boat or help. After orienting himself using a compass, he swims some, and then mostly gives up sort of.

Following a bit of a pep talk (and a somewhat unintentionally (?) humourous moment where Morgan shouts at the passing Interisland Ferry which appeared to be literally 'kilometres' in the distance), the lead manages to 'will' himself home by chanting the titular line. The (post-production?) shaking effect here had me thinking that we were in for a shock ending with Morgan being mowed down by above-mentioned ferry (which I would totally sign on for), but alas see Morgan repeatedly, and with increasing effort, 'will' himself home (and into the past) where he naturally shows us his lying nature but repents, and hangs out with his/a (?) kid.

I was sort of totally into this one, but i really wished that the lead was a little more damp when he returned to his home, and i felt a good addition would have been a sort of jump shot effect thing where lots of water was splashed around him each time he transported to the home. However, how much you water damage your apparently lovely home is not up to me!

*Note to Reader: This shot of the lead emerging from below water may have been the most beautifully framed/coloured/composed shot of the heat.


A diver lost in Cook Strait develops time travel powers through Dorothy-stye wishing.
This film had a beautifully simple story that I was very quickly caught up in, once over the initial shock of how well it was being technically pulled off.
Even through the difficult medium of "talking-to-oneself" dialogue, the lead performance came across strongly. Well paced and edited. Sound was mind bogglingly great.
Would have enjoyed more first person shots, or any subjective camera work to convey the panic and isolation at the start of the film. There were a few similarly sized and angled shots in a row, though of course there are no points of reference to work off of in an infinite horizon.
I was confused about how the time travel came about, why he went back in time instead of just visiting home. This could have tied into the emotional point of his regret, was this a huge moment that he is returning to? Why this point in time? His feelings may not have been expressed in the mantra of simply wanting to "go home".
Oh yeah, the ferry bit! Production value was second only to Retirement Daze in this heat, but they had a plane.
One of my favourites from the heat. Awesome stuff.


A diver stranded at sea astral-projects into the past to save his future self from drowning.

I have to say I fucking love time travel, and was pretty much excited by the 10-second title-card before the film even started. Here we find a real high stakes concept married to this particularly bizarre there’s-no-place-like-home logic of time travel. So sold.

Some very slick editing and cinematography was let down by a really small framing problem, as we’re clearly watching the struggling scuba diver from the safe confines of a boat. I wanted to be in the water with him, seeing stuff from his point of view, being as scared as he was. The high angle gave an almost comical look to the film (audience laughter in the opening shot?), and it took me a while to get a hang of the serious tone of the film.

I found the incorporation of the random elements pretty jarring. It is kind of challenging given the concept of the film (stuck at sea, talking to himself), but make sure you’re not spelling it out too clearly for the audience (the underlining of I LIED made me cringe).

Having the last shot played under the final credit undercut a pretty bold ambiguous ending. I say go one-way or the other. The ending is the conceit… what are you trying to say? How do you want to leave the audience?


Loved this film! The execution of the ocean shots, in terms of the sound design and cinematography, was pretty spot on. The story was simple, in a good way, and developed clearly through the time travel episodes. I thought the lead actor held his own well, and managed to carry the film through without it feeling over dramatic. Perhaps could have used slightly more drama at the end before his location was pointed out by the child, as it felt a little too easy.


This had a neat, simple story and did all of the small things right technically which meant I was able to enjoy the storyline.
A diver loses sight of his boat and through a series of time travel flashes, manages to connect himself with his house and ultimately his location. I thought that there was an underlying play in terms of genre (the series of flashbacks / forwards) were actually indications of hallucinations brought on by physical exhaustion however it was cool as there were two films in this heat that left you with an opportunity to discuss interpretation