'Mercurial' by FMC

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The Revenge Movie
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This film felt disjointed and confused me (until I was told it was the story being told backwards) I didn't come to the conclusion straight away from watching it, so I found myself trying to figure out what was going on and who people were. I think on paper (script) it sounds like a good idea but it wasn't executed with as much information that was needed to ensure that everything connected (to each character) clearly. I think the foreign actress was good and natural, the guys acting in this film seemed a bit forced. There was a lot shot for a 48 hour film so pretty good job on the multiple locations.


I really liked this films story arc, really fit in with the mystery genre oh wait this is the revenge genre film... Well it fit well with that too. Unfortunately the eye candy actors fell a little short of earning this title… my knee jerk reaction to the opening shot of their toned/tanned/intertwined bodies and neutral facial expressions made me thing of multi-coloured, comic sans ‘doge meme’ style titles overlaying the frame with ‘so act’, ‘tone’, ‘gains’ and of course ‘wow’. The structure however was super cool and the film looked really awesome (sound was more than a little off too, but hey: this is 48).

I earnestly didn't know where this film was going, however when I found out, I really didn't care.


This film looked amazing and was really high quality. The choice of sets was well thought-out and served the scenes' purposes. The female lead was really great, and it was clear there was a high level of experience involved in this film.

But for some reason I felt uncomfortable throughout and not in a good way. The conversation between the barista and male lead about the "free coffee" was weird and unnecessary, and took down the tone of the film.

I liked that the story went backwards, which gave an otherwise boring plot a bit of meat. I didn't really feel satisfied at the end, but nonetheless well done on a great-looking film.