'The Race against Time' by Circo de Film

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The Race against Time
The Race against the Clock Movie
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Started out with the cute kid in the bed with the lollipop, liked the way the story was going and can imagine the script written and ideas you came up with. A lot of effect into the make up and custom of the "joker type' character so well done guys! The things thought could be different is the lighting, there was a lot of outdoor shots in which seemed like bright sunlight and some of the scenes whites were too bright, especially when the "princess" picked something up off the road, I couldn't determine what that object was as it had too much glare. Overall I understood the story.


The stand out in this film was the joker type character, who looked great and had some witty dialogue. However it did feel as though this character was most invested in, which is odd considering it was a relatively minor role and didn't really push the story anywhere. Nonetheless kudos to the actress.

The literal interpretation of the racing against time genre felt like a cop out. I didn't really understand what would happen if the princess lost the race, so wasn't really rooting for her or anyone. The ending was abrupt and there was a hint of the message the filmmakers were trying to get across, but it felt rushed and was more of an afterthought.