'bush Whacked' by Film Busters

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bush Whacked
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Funny performance by the footballer/ex-SAS guy. Some of the other acting was just okay, and I wasn't sure of who the mistaken identity was (was it the naked dude?). Hilarious scene of the two guys one-upping each other as they ate - I assume! - a slightly melted picnic bar. 6 out of 10.


Really hilarious parts in this film especially between the SAS and army guy. Very realistic log! Nice setting at the beginning and good acting. Good work pity it didn't get through for voting.


Frikin hillarious, great doco send up.


funny acting, eating poo...


Sad that your film didnt make it in on time! Few production issues with video and audio, but thought the exchange between the two men over the poo was pretty funny, although I was thinking that the girl spewing in the background was going to come forward and tell them it was hers…bit confused on the mistaken identity part of the film.