'Fosters Care' by FencePostProductions

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Fosters Care
The Film within a Film
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Well shot and well acted. I wasn't sure about the storyline but I don't know if that's my problem or the filmmaker's problem (someone explained it better later on, so definitely my problem). I liked the last frame as the credits came up, that was a nice touch. 6 out of 10.


Clever film, nicely executed.


Thanks Sarah for your great review -_- Overall a well shot and well produced film with some funny scenes. Really liked the two guys standing over the dead body in bed.


Well done and well acted!


Nice shots and quite a clever end, though a bit jumpy.
(This could've been a film goof) - when the body was being dragged back and forth (in front of fireplace?) at one point it got totally drenched and left a pool of water - I was hoping the pool of water stayed on set when the body was being dragged back the other way! And perhaps the body would accumulate more and more dirt and grit as it dragged along (soil, leaves, etc)