'Where Do You Find Love?' by Fab Films

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Where Do You Find Love?
The Rom Com
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I quite liked this Rom Com. I liked that it was an actual attempt at a Rom Com, unlike other teams from past years who seemed to throw their toys out of the cot because they didn't like their randomly assigned genre. Some tech issues and some dodge acting by the supporting cast, as well as a predictable ending, it really was a good try by a young team who should stick with it. Loved the 'Sherlock'-style floating text as the lead surfed the dating website - www.lonleyhearts.com? 4 out of 10.


I liked what you did with the text when the main character was online dating, that was cool, other than that, production value was low and detracted from the film completely. Audio especially needed some more thought, but we all start somewhere! keep going and hope to see you enter again next year!


A really great effort from a young team! I assume it was your first 48 and if so, well done! Keep up the good work and you will only get stronger each year :)


Great work! for such a young team this film has a good story and some hilarious acting. Still more to learn in terms of cinematography, the moving camera made me motionsick!, but I love the "Sherlock" Homes txt banter, especilly when he's closing the laptop lid :)


I was quite disappointed when I saw the actor dressed up as a female. Probably cause I was hoping it to be more of a romance rather than comedy. It would have still been funny with actual female actresses using the same 'defining' characteristics/ plot lines.