'The Ride' by Drastik Vos

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The Ride
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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I liked this entry, especially the choice to shoot B&W. I found it a bit confusing though, possibly to do with the jumping back and forth between the past/present, or was it reality/fantasy? I liked the magic eight ball as the required prop, that was a nice touch. 6/10 for me.


Didn't quite understand the story but black and white was good. Good work with magic eight ball too.


Really well done film. I love the usage of black and white technique. Colors added at the end of the movie are beautiful too. Story is a little bit confusing, but at the end you realize what was all about (I think this is part of a puzzle movie). I like how main character composes events from a previous week!


Liked the art direction with b/w scenes. Found story line rather confusing, and a few audio issues bugged me while watching. Left feeling unsure of what I had just watched. Cool use of prop!


Sorry guys, a commendable effort but it was just disjointed and unbalanced.


this film started off well, Loved the black and white! , but it tended to drag on with a very cliche plotline, and some very awkward acting and cinematography.. I can't actually remember how it ended - sorry guys!


I was well and truly puzzled. A bit hard to follow for me.


Had no idea what the film was about. Essentially a 'puzzling' film.