'Mentirosa' by Confusers

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The Revenge Movie
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OMG YOU GUYS. I DON"T EVEN KNOW. 10/10 because I want to watch this on youtube when I come home drunk. "Morgan Foster you are a lier". English subtitles. Wigs. Spanish dubbing. Nonsensical.


This was a terrible film. But I know that's exactly what you were going for. No one pulled off what they were going for as well as you did. It was horrible and I loved every moment of it.


Just fun! I really enjoyed watching this. This team has won Wellington Best of the Worst in the past, and it kind of feels like they are going for that again with pointless foreign language, bright wigs, and chastity belts. So I think they probably achieved what they were going for.


Boom! Style, skills and sub-titles... Once again, the randomness and specific cleverly bad use of the VoiceOver and subtitles rocked. Again, definitely in line for best-worst again!!


The worst film I've seen during the heats, and not in a good way. This had no redeeming features and I'm surprised to see it on the list. Also disappointing given how funny the film was from this team last year.


One of my favs in the heat, absolutely crazy and i loved it