'Signal' by Colonial Tech

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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Beautiful use of the sunlight. Was a perfect day for shooting this film, and the team worked with it well. Looked great. Good idea but I wasn't completely sold on the story. It didn't have that gripping-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling that an against-the-clock film needs: the girl was dead from the beginning, he seemed ok to swim, I don't know, maybe I have no heart at all. Sound appeared to cut out completely at one point.


This was my least favourite of the heat - it's very hard to pull off out-door shoots without the right gear. This was obvious, as time constraints seemed to leave you with poorly dubbed voice acting. There was some real emotion in the acting and the attention to detail by having the stick through the girls stomach stay firm when she was moving/breathing was admirable. There just wasn't enough character/story development and too much of filler material. With only 7 minutes to fill (preferably even less than that) I don't think its a good idea to use scenic shots unless they're necessary. I love that the radio guy was Morgan the whole time, and that there was no search party. This was one of the best uses of character in the heat. So much potential, I just don't think it came together well at the end.


Pros: Good attempt at a serious story without cheap jokes.
Cons: It was a race against the clock where the protagonists mostly just had to wait, so it wasn't very exciting. The ball seemed irrelevant. The radio voice.


Decent looking film, but a little too serious and forced for its own good. But the biggest loss of points come from the lack of a rush for a "race against the clock" genre and a general lack of care for incorporating the required elements.