'Bush It' by Chuck & the Rayguns

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Bush It
The Against the Odds Movie
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Mockumentary of a 'survivor' which was funny and well told if a little repetitive. The twist at the end albeit hilarious, wasn't the most interesting way to incorporate all the essential elements - but hey, perhaps that was the point.


Laughed a lot during this short. Great comedy and good use of a 60minutes style interview! The twist ending didn't match up as well as I would have liked but overall still great fun.


Really enjoyed the deadpan humour of the lead actor in this film! The production quality wasn't quite there, but I enjoyed the film overall! Could perhaps have used a little more work on the editing, and taking a few excess shots/scenes out.


An entertaining little film. Some good comedy moments. I was not really impressed by the ending.


It had some strong laughs and good kiwi humour. It was slightly repetitive however, and had a bit of unnecessary filler material. It had an improvised feel about it, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.


Cool little film that was defiantly going for the funny factor! Loved the dramatic thinking pauses in the interviews. Though, it did drag a bit and became a little sluggish - i.e needed the editor to cut it down more. Also, it definitely had the right intent, I could definitely see what they were trying to do, just the execution was lacking a little. Overall, there's some real talent in the writing/comedic ideas which could really bloom with more development! Great work.