'Catching the Worm' by Orientale

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Catching the Worm
The Film within a Film
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A young lady leads an interesting life sleep-walking.

This was close to my favorite film of the night! A really great idea, well shot and fleshed out by some interesting characters; Morgan Foster the Liar as a youth enjoying community service was a great touch. The music and sound of this film was also very professional.
If I were to make one criticism, the film could have been paced slightly quicker; particularly the dream sequence had possibly one element too many.


Proving that last year was by no means a fluke, this was another very mature, clever story from Orientale. A more understated performance from the talented lead this year. I really liked the repeated use of the low tracking shot of the feet and the music (original song?) was great. Generally pretty slick, although the scene of the beach could have been mixed better so the guy's dialogue could be heard clearly. Slightly outlandish plot twist, but still really effective; a genuinely sweet tone was achieved in the final third. In a very strong heat of school teams, this film stood out. Another really good film from a super talented group of younguns. Great work!


Enjoyable, light hearted film.


Although the film was well crafted and the story was a sweet and happy one, the use of film within a film genre was minimal, possibly even to a point where it might not meet the requirements needed to fit that genre. The cinematography was excellent, with handheld shots that looked very clean and stable. The audio was clean and simple, the effect of having music muffled as the protagonist took of her headphones was simple yet incredibly effective, which shows me that there was incredible attention to detail. The story itself was a sweet story that was heart-warming and it struck a note for me. From my interpretation of the film, I was intrigued by the double life the protagonist led during the night and early morning and all the characters she came across, I was genuinely interested. I would like to mention some problems I saw, mainly with the genre. The amount of footage that fit within the genre of film within a film was minimal at most.