'Benched' by Geneios

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The Rom Com
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The internal monologue of a frustrated young man as he trys to 'pull'.
A small idea executed well is where 48 Hours shines and this was a great example of just that. It was creatively shot with good sound and apt music choices. The lead, with the lions share of screen time, was energetic and comical throughout.
While I liked this film for keeping it simple, I felt that the 'stalking' scene, while containing plenty of humor, took up a disproportionate amount of the runtime. A few shots, while obviously treasured by the team, could probably have been cut to keep the pace up.


Such a sweet-natured, feel good film. The charismatic lead generated lots of sympathy and laughs through his attempts to find a girl. Throughout the film there was creative shot compositions and great use of iconic Wellington locations, lending this a cinematic feel. The sound mix was generally really good, with ADR mixed in with other diegetic sounds convincingly (I'm assuming a lot of the on location dialogue recording wasn't used due to wind?) The end was satisfying, but I was kind of expecting the new girl to take over the inner monologue and start stalking the lead. Really good work everyone - I loved it.


Simple storyline, which is always good with short films. Some issues with pacing. but overall an enjoyable film.


A frustrated young man decides to get off his butt and get a girl.

This had some nice acting from the lead and he showed plenty of commitment to the cause. The internal monologue got somewhat tedious however and I would have liked to have seen more traditional dialogue scenes played out. The audio I felt was a bit hit and miss in places - the voiceover for example was often too loud. Overall, while the story was sweet it was also rather slow and would have benefited from a harsher edit. For example, while jump-cuts can be used to good effect they were a little overdone in places and went too long before the cut was made.

Nice touches of humour however and a good effort!