'Tyrone' by Archibald Hearts Emmeline

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The Shock Ending Movie
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Excellent job of the genre! So hard approaching "shock ending" when the audience is waiting for the plot twist before the film even starts. This approach ensured the audience were left confused - or at least laughing! Collage style of film was abstract and beautiful. Wonderful entry.


This film used stylistically twitchy cut-outs of photos for its animation. I guess the plot was that a guy has a really boring life and ... I don't want to spoil the ending of shock ending movie. It got laughs for being ridiculous. I liked the pigeon scene, especially the extreme close-up of the eyes. It was creepy. I thought it was going somewhere, but no.


The second animated film with a voice over of the heat. Voice overs just don't work unless you get the production of them right. They so often seriously lower the quality of a film. This film was far from being the worst in that respect though. Not too bad, but really I'd urge any team to really consider how well they can do a voice over before employing one. Anyway the film... I have a prejudice against animations. They're usually rubbish, especially in the 48 hours. Despite that, I didn't hate this film, so that's saying something. I laughed at some bits. The ending made me laugh. I would have preferred to have actually been shocked, but funny is good too.