'A Little Bit of Pluck' by Annoyed Grunt

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A Little Bit of Pluck
The Against the Odds Movie
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Nice film! Lead actress was adorable and did a fantastic job. Very relatable and sweet, good job at the genre. Wasn't thrilled with the ending but, hey, we had 49 hours!


A fun story. I enjoyed the acting. And it didn't feel too long like many in the heat did. It was shockingly lacking in morality though!


The unfortunate but very sweet Sarah loses her job. She needs money for rent so goes on the job hunt.

This looked good, was pretty well edited and had a nice feel to it overall. The lead did a good job sustaining her character, especially getting the naivety of the character across to the audience. I felt some of the scenes dragged a bit - the opening one in particular which seemed to want to really hammer us with the character trait for no real purpose. I too was rather unsatisfied by the ending.

Another good effort from this team though!