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Being Attenborough
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Offensive. Just, like, bad taste. Making funny of those who can't make fun of you, whatever. The bitchy Morgan Foster was great.


I could hear a lot of people around me enjoying this, but I didn't really like it. I guess the premise was okay, but then it didn't really go anywhere. And did you only use the ball in an irrelevant post-credits shot? On the plus side, I thought the Morgan character and her friend Crystaal were fun characters and well acted. Also, the opening shot was effective.


Some fun performances from the actors, particularly Morgan and Crystaal. The guy who thought he was David Attenborough did probably as well as you could with the one joke he was given to work with. It did make me laugh at times. I thought the doco style of characters addressing the camera worked quite well. Another reviewer found the film offensive. I laughed at the "but seriously, he's very badly brain-damaged" joke, but I'm not really surprised someone took offence.


Good acting. The overall film was bad taste. At times funny but mostly very cringe worthy.


I really enjoyed this! It was well put together. I really liked the cinematography. The macro shots were awesome. Sound was another are where this team did well. It was a nice, peppy score and the sound was probably the best of its heat.

As far as the story goes, that brain damage line aside, I thought it was a nice, off-beat story. It was like the office meets planet earth. I like that they tried something different. The long drawn out shot of the two characters in bed was painful to watch and I loved it!

The film was the right mix of laughs and awkwardness.


I personally didn't find it offensive, but overall it wasn't hugely entertaining. Acting was good though.


Really funny film aside from the whole brain damage joke probably could have done without. Nice production value and awesome intro.


This film was well shot and made me laugh for the most part (apart from the poor taste brain damage joke at the end). It was definitely one of the better films from the heat in terms of cinematography and acting.


Awesome mockumentary. Loved the ducks. Some of those lines were real winners. Best incorporation of the ball in the heat. Cinematography wasn't the best at times a bit over-exposed but over all you guys had a plot and the sound was decent so well done!