'Sundown' by A couple of dogs

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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Creepy ladies is creepy. Alice in Wonderland drug trip vibes. Killed me with the Shania references.


Super weird and cool. Sound was pretty av. Cool colours and one standout shot looking upwards at main character climbing a tree.

Great acting from assorted weirdos; girls singing was awesome.


Complete nonsense--but I get the feeling that's what you were going for. The sound make it very hard to understand what was happening. And it felt very long and slow at times. The women in the forest were awesome!


I loved some of the weird scenes and dialogue in this film. There were some great ideas. Loved the singing ladies and the weird characters throughout, but the film was let down by terrible audio and it seemed very long. Perhaps this is why it was disqualified. Seems like this team could make some very entertaining films with better technical know-how and script editing.


Funny stuff, really weird at times but a great laugh none the less. Would have been better to hear some of the funny scenes a bit more.