'Remedial' by Robust Apparatus

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The Musical or Dance Movie
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A new girl arrives in class and doesn't exactly hit it off with the other students. No worries though, they'll all sing about it!

This was a fair attempt at the genre from a school team but with only two songs the musical aspect wasn't really sustained or driving the story. The first song (2 minutes in) "If you wanna be cool", channelled High School Musical's "Status Quo" and wasn't a bad little number, with some clever lyrics. However, then the film went real crazy with a very dark song "Manipulation is the key" and the film seems to end without anything really happening! The filming was sound and I did enjoy the overhead shots.

I really struggle with school teams who set their films in a school with little thought given to how it looks - four or five students in a class doesn't really help with realism. Likewise, the tendency is to cast teens in adult roles - eg your teacher! When you have so many stories you can tell using the strength of a young cast, why do this?!

Anyway, well done on tackling the musical!