'How About' by LaFemme

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How About
The Film within a Film
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Just rewatched for third time and still unsure how I feel about this one of a kind film. Great concept, lots of whacky plot twists and you never really knew what was around the corner. The pacing flagged during some of the fights, but otherwise I was engaged for the bulk of the short film. The "skipping" pun got some very big LOLs. Very poor production qualities (bad sound recording at times, out of focus shots, sloppy sound editing) which at times added to the tongue in cheek meta-cinematic fun and at other times was a distraction. I'm not sure if more professional looking cinematography, tighter editing and a cleaner, richer sound mix would have hurt or hindered this film - probably both. Great ham-acting performances from the two leads. A real sense of having fun with cinema in both the story and performances. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't in the judges minds for best worst film. Very much in the spirit of the competition.


A group of lads pitch ideas for a film that get played out in reality.

OK, so this effort from Newlands College has a lot that is pretty messy - filming, sound, editing, direction being heard, unnecessary wind noise, a tedious voiceover and you spelt your team name wrong on your title card. However, there were some clever touches of humour - the skipping & the flying dart in particular. Your casting was appropriate, as was the acting given what you were hoping to achieve.

Great that you had lots of fun but to be honest it was a long, long seven minutes...