'Foster Morgan Morgan Foster Oranges' by unladen swallow

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Foster Morgan Morgan Foster Oranges
The Revenge Movie
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I don't actually know what to say. Was a very pretty film, quite funny but just no substance or real plot. Seemed as though you got halfway through making another dil then decided that wasn't going to work so you decided to do a 1/2 minute film about a southerner who likes to play with/torture(?) oranges. Commendable editing, acting and cinematography.


I loved this. The camera work and voiceover were both fantastic. Such a simple idea - like one of those 2-sentence horror stories that float around Facebook. A really cool concept of taking revenge on the product instead of the person that the revenge should hit. The accent of the voiceover kept me laughing throughout. When the title came up, I leaned over to the guy next to me to ask the genre, and then instead of the film kicking in, it just stopped. For a moment I was stunned but in hindsight, I really like it ending when it did. So many questions! Excellent mood creation. My #2 on Aud Choice.


A man has a bit of a grudge to tell us about.

This sort of thing is right up my alley. Looked good, was well acted and just so damned intriguing. As mentioned above - so many questions! One of my favourites this year!