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the rewrite.
The Time Travel Movie
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Really really strong. I loved the lovely message this film brings, and I loved the elder Morgan as a character, lying to give her younger self hope and something to look forward to. The two main actors were both exceptional and the cinematography of this film was just fantastic. Really spectacular. The only thing which stopped me from giving it a 10 was when elder morgan was just like "I'm you from the future" or whatever she said. At the time I was like, oh ,yeah well, kind of weird to just blurt out. But I'm not sure how you could have gotten around it, maybe you didn't even need that line and just elder Morgan and the viewers could have known that they were the same person. That would have also added to the innocence of young Morgan. All in all an amazing film, probably best of the night in what was an abnormally strong heat. Well Done.


Such a fantastic film and definitely the stand out 'best' of the night for me. Acting was great (though the two leads didn't really look like each other despite being the 'same person'; forgivable in the 48Hour context), cinematography was lovely and editing was beautiful. Most importantly, a clever idea that both fit really naturally into the genre and provided for an interesting and engrossing story.

I do agree though, that the line where the older 'Morgan' told her younger self that she was her from the future was a little awkward and jarring. Probably didn't need to be said; it would have been much more effective to have just let the audience infer this.

Overall a wonderful film, I would definitely expect to see it at the finals.


This film looked really nice. I thought the camera work got progressively better throughout the short, it's so refreshing to see a short shot well with a tripod! I thought the acting was excellent from all roles - you've got yourself a little star cast. I enjoyed this short, I hope you guys got nominated for something? Interested to see what this team puts in the following years - it's on my watchlist.

Also I'm so glad you didn't try to do any special aftereffects teleporty thingys.


What I liked:
Beautifully shot, edited and graded. Serious quality all-around.
The sound design was incredible, and the score was exceptional.
Auckland must have had some outrageously good films for this to not receive any accolades.
Great acting by the two female leads, with the young one doing another fine job this year.

I loved how you got the dog to walk through the scene before launching into it.
I don't know if you planned that, but it was an amazing detail.

Great typeface used throughout and very fine credits.

What I didn't like:
While it was a good vehicle for demonstrating that Morgan was facilitating cheating,
I'm never a fan of sex scenes in 48HOURS entries, non-explicit as most of them may be (yours included).

The ending was unsatisfying, particularly after such a lush story and build-up to that point.
I guess that's the way it goes with a lot of 48HOURS films,
but it's sad to see in a film that was otherwise super on-point.

Great work all-around, though.


I thought this was a well-told short, and only really seemed to suffer in comparison to last year's competition-winning effort. Your budding young actress continues to be very good, and the actual idea of the story was quite clever. To me, the main thing that seemed off in the script was that the time travel element was a little unclear, so at the beginning it plays more along the lines of a cautionary tale to a similar girl than actually being her from the past. Also, the ending didn't quite work for me, as the deliberate ambiguity made the film feel a little unfinished.

Technically, it was extremely solid, but that wasn't really a surprise given that you have a feature film and a 48Hours winner under your belt. That this didn't make the finals makes me very excited about the quality of the films that have made it, because they must be pretty damn good to get through ahead of this.


just watched, wow loved your actors, actually there was a lot about that that I really really liked, blown away that your not a finalist, competition must of been really wicked in Welly. Fantastic work, do you guys do TVCs


I loved this film. Well done. Great acting, editing, cinematography, and directing. The only negative comment that I would make, although I know it was the effect you were going for, I was left unsatisfied with the ending. I JUST REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MORGAN! :) Also, I feel the plot lingered a little too long in the middle. Apart from that, fantastic job! It is a mystery to me why you didn't make the finals this year.

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Pretty much flawless from a technical standpoint. It's too hard not to compare to last year's effort, so I'm not going to bother avoiding comparisons. I thought this film was a much "straighter" rendering of the material than The Sleeping Plot. Whereas last year's film relied on some really cool "gimmicks" such as the shock ending, the framing of the adult characters and the disarmingly cute performance from the lead for impact, this film simply told the story in an economical, "classic" kind of way, letting the acting (absolutely top class) and the story speak for themselves.

While this was a much darker film than last year's one, there were still moments of levity and overall, I think this film hit upon a theme that is a lot more relatable than The Sleeping Plot. Definitely not a feel-good film, but I think you totally nailed it in terms of tone. Some of the other reviewers didn't like the ending, but I think you picked the perfect moment to end on. I wonder how many different takes of that indrawn breath you had the actress run through before you called it a wrap?

Overall, another awesome short. Thanks!