'The Truth Hurts' by Thnunder Byrds

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The Truth Hurts
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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Such a shame this film was disqualified I loved it so much. Shot magnificently, was a really beautiful thing to look at. Also the acting was fantastic, thought he was really funny. I laughed so hard at the "drawing parallels" line. Feel guttered for you guys, I'm guessing the disqualification was for the song at the end? That sucks because it was an awesome film staying true to the genre. A real shout for best disqualified film.


I really liked your film. My favourite parts were the bookends, with the guy turning up at home then coming out from the garage. Lovely ending with his revelation being just that last nail in the coffin for his girlfriend. Also points for super-beard. Acting was close but no cigar, especially from our lead. Some nice camera action though.


Ayyye this film was fun. A drunk bro's lady doesn't let him into the flat after a night 'on the malt' and awakens from sleeping in the garage to a fantasy world were he is a recognised prince/king/knight/medieval bro. From here he secures a powerful ball/orb/thing and blasts an evil version of himself who is lying to a fantasy counterpart of his lady. As advised in previous review, 'drawing parallel' line in this was classy. Unfortunately, our lead doesn't seem to glean too much insight from his quest, and I felt that when he got dumped by his girlfriend and he rode off into the distance on his moped, cape/blanket trailing behind him - he was glorified as honourable / his GF was demonised as a bitch. But hey, who’s got time in 48hours / this day and age to give every gender / character a fair representation or something I guess. All of that junk aside - BEST DISQUALIFIED FILM EVVARRRR!!