'Dinner for One' by The Madeline Ashtons

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Dinner for One
The Film within a Film
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Very nice product, I liked the at work montage, very smooth. Also liked the plot, I thought it was very clever but did get a bit slow. It would have been cool to see the girl get murdered and then he try to do something about it but that would have been very tough to slot into a 7 minute window. Very nice film though. Lead actor and actress also were great


There was some great cinematography in this short. I thought the lead was strong, and enjoyed the main female performance too. The stalking aspect worked well and I liked the lonely character you created. Pacing-wise, I think you could have got to your ending a bit sooner, and while the twist was ok, I was hoping for a bit more. Part of me wanted her to be his flatmate and the ending be him running into the lounge to revive her...! I liked the film a lot and thought there was a lot of style going on. I missed the potential masty jokes from watching other webcams but that's because I'm filthy and no fault of yours.


There was something endearingly creepy about this film. I sort of expected a final reverse shot of her watching him, both unknowingly surveying each other or something. The ending was neat and had good comic timing. I liked the two actors and shot selection / editing was really cleverly done. Maybe could have done with some slightly more webcam-like pixelation for shots of her or him - I can't remember which one seemed to be obviously not a webcam. Choice film g.