'Your Ball Sux' by Vaseline Pool Party

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Your Ball Sux
The Revenge Movie
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Good lolz, great ending. Only criticism was that the voice of the evil thing was a little hard to understand at the start.


So so funny. Right the way through. Ending was fantastic, I enjoyed the montage of the little boy invisibly killing everyone, was so clever. Nice job shooting the boy in the coffin and cool SFX when he slipped through the bottom. Very enjoyable film.


I thought this was a pretty fun film, sort of felt uncomfortable watching a child cut someone’s throat.. but w/e. said child’s acting / comic timing seemed on point, and I enjoyed his interactions with the revenge angel lady person. I also was into the obvious DIY special effects of things floating, there was real ingenuity on display and I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I liked the quick fire banter / back and forth leading up to the completion of the film / the child saying the title of the film.


An obvious contender for best-worst film. Great use of DIY effects and a neat story that could have drifted off at the end but in fact ended on a high note with a sharp sweet twist


nice movie with funny twist. I love the DIY effect especially when the child dropped out of the coffin into the devilish wood. However, getting a child into a coffin was not so convincing.


Hey VPP! I thought this was the winning story of our heat and could have beaten ours for shock ending! Nice work from the child actor, and ingenious special effects.
The only let-downs for me were technical - sound in particular. But we're ALL guilty of that at times ;)
Overall, its a solid 48 hour entry with an original twist. Well done.


I really loved this film! Right down to the excellent ghost effects! The plot was great, well thought through, and with an hilarious ending. One criticism would be the beginning felt a bit at odds with the wittiness of the rest of the film e.g. 'get in the box'. Also as others have said, the audio effects on the female character were a little to strong, making it hard to make out what was being said.
Overall though great work!


For a 48hr entry there was a lot going on special effects wise - hey, not perfect special effects, but that added to the comedic B movie effect. Story was OK - though with all the stranger danger drummed into kids these days, getting into the coffin was weak. Forcing the kid in would have been better from a believability point of view. That trippy warped forest was great!


An Angel of Death convinces a young boy to help her get revenge against bad people so that she can increase her power.

I've been a big fan of this team as they consistently turn out entertaining, bad-taste, shock-comedies: What would Bogan do?; Poultry Pounder 3; DeVito, Pube in the Butter, Dead Market, I'm a Horse. All delightfully mad, unashamedly low-budget and never, ever fall into the trap of going on too long. "Your Ball Sux" is of course no different. Typically acted and prone to go off in unexpected directions, this film also has some really nice touches. The coffin scene is cool and the drop into the spirit world really cool! I probably would have been happy for everything to occur there but the rest of the story then launches into a series of gruesome kills. Perhaps not the strongest of stories or endings but this doesn't hinder the enjoyment factor. As mentioned by other reviewers, perhaps the boy got into the coffin too easily, but kids do managed to do dumb things. Anyway, who cares!

If you haven't before, check out their other films and "Choose rock!"