'Wheel Me In' by The Cult

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Wheel Me In
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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This film was actually in Heat 14. It was a bit confusing, plot-wise, unfortunately. The parts where Morgan Foster is riding around in the wheelie bin were definitely the highlight. It was a bit unclear as to what caused the fight at the end between the two friends. Morgan was well-characterised as a demanding and prickly sort, although it was difficult to understand why she had a team of people rallying around her (was it for the prize money? That could have been clearer at the start, if so). Nicely shot and pretty well-acted - all-in-all a decent offering from a young team.


Excellent effort from a young team. Really well shot, looked really nice. The story was original but I'm not sure if the whole thing tied together as well as it could have. I thought the acting throughout was really strong.


Weirded out that this was in Heat 14, but I'm trying to review Heat 16 stuff! Luckily, I was at both heats :3

This film was super awesome. I was into the lead actress' take no prisoners character and the way the cast took on the absurdity of the plot dead seriously was amazing. the Film looked good in lots of shots, especially the shot that looked upwards from the perspective of Morgan at power lines against the sky - this a shot I find myself idly looking at and sometimes filming on car rides and I felt super excited to see it realised/contextualised on the big screen.

I’m not really sure what is holding me back from a super high star rating here, I seem to remember some pretty poorly lit / shot interior scenes and sound issues - but on the whole I thought this film was dope, and I really hope to seem more from these guys in future competitions.