'Journey into the White' by The Brown Stove

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Journey into the White
The Shock Ending Movie
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I don't know what to say about this film. I thought it was a fantastic animation, both visually and with the final twist.

And then it seemed to show a bizarre shot of a needle going into what looked like an eye and that was really unpleasant.


Hmmm, at times the dialogue was difficult to hear but I really appreciated the product as a whole and thought the ending was hilarious. Also potential for best use of character. Really funny.


I mean I get that you guys are *killing* the animation game here - visually this film was easily the best of its heat - but the plot seemed basic and I found the Morgan-Foster-liar device pretty obvious...

I guess something to add here is that outside of this competition, showing the ship that has lured people to there doom to be called 'The Morgan Foster' isn't going to mean much to a everyday viewer. This seems like something worth considering in the future, if you’re going to invest a lot of time/effort into making something this beautiful, maybe make it adaptable to audiences outside of other participants in that years comp.

There was some good dialogue banter during the build in this movie, but once again, I wasn't really stunned or interested in the ending - which was then followed by a live action filming of an eye being punctured with a scalpel or something. This seemed like a pointless and basic way to include the prop in your story - I feel that if you can make a lot of cool animation and dialogue, you can figure out a clever way to incorporate the prop into the film.


I thought there was some lovely artwork involved and a really nice, quirky take on the genre and character. It's always great to see teams that are willing to experiment beyond the traditional 'live action' filming. The final scene certainly lived up to the surprise ending and will have me terrified for the rest of the week. The only sad thing was that the sound made it hard to hear the character's lines of dialogue.


Really liked the look of this one but unfortunately had trouble understanding/hearing what was going on but the bits that I did get were good. The ending definitely shocked most of the audience, I thought it was great, and good use of prop very creative!


Thanks for all the reviews folks!
From the Stoves Mouth - after 8 years of 48 with live action/ actors, we made a call to hit the reset button and try something completely different. After never doing stop-motion (or animation) before, it was a really enjoyable curveball for us. Here’s our synopsis:

Three pilgrims from three different lands travel to ‘The land of the long white’ for Enwhitenment. They travel via the helpful talking boat (MF) who is soon revealed as an apocalyptic rapture forecaster ‘The end is nigh’ (is an eye) and dumps the ‘blind’ followers into the sea. We zoom out to see the whole world has been set on an eyeball. Final shot = The boat was right!

All in 2.5 minutes. Yeah, we were ambitious :)


A voyage isn't quite what it seems.
I really enjoyed the style of animation in this film, it had a great deal of motion and depth. The plot was simple and apt for the genre, and the short running time reflected this which gets you points. I thought the ending was an unnecessary break from the style of the rest of the film, and judging from where I was sitting, turned off a lot of the audience.


I found this film really difficult to understand - both in terms of sound and in terms of story line. The animation, however, was astonishingly good, incredible effort.


It was a pity that the sound was really muddy, because otherwise this was a brill' little animation. I don't think I would never have the energy to do a stop motion for 48hrs! The ending was a bit tacked on... got a reaction from the audience though...