'Unspirated' by TeeVeeToo

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The Against the Odds Movie
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Another film I didn't particularly love but can see they worked hard. I think there is a fair shout for best original song in this though, I really liked it. I also liked the texts coming up on screen and the montage in the middle. I think the story was just a bit weak and as everyone knows story is everything in 48. Quite slow at times but A nice happy ending.


I felt meh RE: this film. I mean it was a good idea for fitting in what you had in terms of resources (music stuff, band bro looking humans) with the against the odds film, but the implementation of that idea and the resulting resolution needed a bit of work. I enjoyed text messages on screen, that flowed nicely and pushed the narrative along, but the actual dialogue with the 'manager' seemed basic. The way that the guitar bro solved his troubles (by finding a guitar babe muse person on the beach and 'jamming' with her) seemed corny af, she was the only female character, and she had no depth/explanation/any thing and only existed for the completion of you plot... meh.


Had the feeling throughout this one that it was leading up to a band just wanting to get their song "out there" and I am glad it didn't go that way. It was nicely shot and the text messages on the screen were clever but needed more work to make them interesting and believable. Unfortunately the story let it down it didn't really lead to anything significant. There seemed to be a lot of films in this heat with open ends perhaps sequels are coming next year!


A musician struggles to find inspiration.
This film had a solid plot, interestingly expounded via onscreen text messages. It was also obviously making clever use of cast members talent/resources.
Overall the film dragged a little, it was a clever trope, but the message didn't take long to get across, and after that I found myself waiting for the resolution. A few shots were also of indoor scenes with bright windows washing out half the frame.
The music in this was really well done and very well matched to the films tone.


A band with a cam. A few points here for the DIY soundtrack, and good effort trying something different with unfolding the plot with on-screen texts but overall it didn't feel like a true against the odds story with characters to get behind, and the ending was a little clunky. Not a bad use of the line if I remember but the ball was just thrown in there and Morgan as a liar felt a little desparate.


I quite enjoyed this, thought there were some pretty good ideas that I had not seen in previous 48hr shorts. Not being a writer at all, I have no right to critize the story, but I would have reduced the mental block section of the movie (which was a bit long), added the muse earlier (and given her more screentime!), then gone back to frantic writing and performing of an epic rock love ballad before the appearance of the final text. My 2c