'Grace' by Team Redface

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The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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I thought this was really well shot. They used the genre subtly and i think it worked quite nice. Suspenseful throughout. However I don't think I quite understand what happened in the end and how the stories tied together in the end. What happened to the other friends? I just wasn't 100% sure on this one but it did look nice. Acting was also commendable


I feel genuinely interested in seeing the signed release form for the pilates lady filmed for your team logo film thing guys...

This film had a pretty classic line in it's opening moments, where someone plainly told another person that they 'hated' the way that person lived their life... from there on in, we saw the ‘Grace’ character (who was ‘the hated’) partying, and them skinny dipping; while a character (‘the hater’ woke up and hallucinated a dead, bloodied body on the bed next to him. The final shot of an under-lit/non-lit (to a level at which the image almost appeared to be made up of two colours: black and grey) beach and sky left me feeling mystified / puzzled so I guess you guys 'nailed it' in terms of genre at this point. I'm trying to justify my star rating of this film compared with what I’ve said about it, I think that feeling that confused, and that final shot of the sea were enjoyable in that they reminded me of Twin Peaks. Yay.


I liked the look of this movie but wish I knew what was going on a bit more, felt they didn't "finish" telling the story. So I guess it left me puzzled therefore getting the genre.


Friends deal with loss/tension/drug use/water safety.
This film was certainly mysterious. The opening scene spelled out the tension in the film in no uncertain terms with the line "I hate the way you're living your life" delivered deadpan to the girlfriend/friend character. This is followed by either a flashback or the future (the mystery aspect?).
I thought some of the cinematography and editing in this film was really cool, particularly the restricted color palate towards the end. However other parts of the film let it down in terms of shaky camera work and lighting.


Cinematography, especially of the beach scenes, was some of the best I've seen. Story comprehension could have been improved but overall I really enjoyed.


Some moments of really believable acting and nice cinematography, as well as genuine intrigue about what was happening but it didn't really progress beyond that. It was challenging for the audience to decipher through flashbacks and lot of scenes that gave away nothing so that is puzzling I guess, but I couldn't sense a real inherent mystery behind it. Now you get an extra star because I've thought about it some more (did she drown or did he stab her to death?!) do you even know yourselves? It must have been difficult to nail the genre now I think about it. Nice bloody fright too, I like that.


Yep, nailed the genre - it was a mystery to me :-) Good job with the bloody visual effect, a lot of effort for such a short amount of screen time!