'Hound' by Team OJ

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The Mistaken Identity Movie
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I feel as though this is a new team to 48/filmmaking but not 100% sure. The story was very weak and a lot of unnecessary footage. It took like 6 shots for him to walk out of his office and on to the street which we didn't need. Also the camera movement was very rough at parts. On the upside there were some good shots like the sillouhette of the man walking in to the door. Risky going with the serious approach and for me it didn't particularly pay off.


I was into this film for ~80% of its duration. I specifically remember thinking 'I like that this is a slow paced film, that is sort of hard to achieve when you are doing 48'. I felt relaxed during shots that showed the character walking around Willis Street / Lambton Quay / whatever street is on other side of that food court / the alley way. The pay off at the end of the film, however, did not really reward me for paying close attention to these earlier scenes; in fact I have little to know idea what really happened. Shout outs to the slightly non level shots of the main character entering and exiting an elevator of his building during early stages of the film, I genuinely liked the colours, lighting and 'intention' (?) in these shots. I also really liked it when he ran over the roofs and jumped off the roof.


Unfortunately I felt the story got lost with all the walking around, I don't really feel they nailed the mistaken identity well as the person being chased was the kidnapper (?) so no mistake. I liked the rolling out of the window part, unintentionally funny perhaps but worked for me. The changes in time when entering the car during daylight, exiting and it's night, then walking to the house during the day, rolling out of the window during the day but entering the car and it is night is something to keep in mind for next time.


I'll be honest OJ, I wasn't sure what happened in this and its relation to your genre.
I'm unsure of the running time of this entry, but I felt the stalking scene filled much more space than needed.
Much like XVW_BC has stated, you had me on board most of the way, but I was left thinking you left out a vital scene.

Needless to say I won't be investing with Southern Finance(?)


Morgan Foster finds himself pursued by a mysterious adversary.
This film felt a little jumpy, starting well, the pace dropped to a crawl with a painfully true-to-life walk from an office to a car. I'm not sure if this was intentional to build tension? But the effect was to make the film drag.
I enjoyed some of the photography in the house/night scene, but once again felt the pacing could have gone a bit quicker, and the tension in this film would have really benefited from a musical score of some kind.


Firsly I noticed some great subtle use of extras in this one, nice work! However as others have said above, the unnecessary walking shots disengaged the audience from the story when there could have been more effort spent on establishing the identities which were to be mistaken, or weaving the required elements into the story. The scream gave me a fright at least!


I didn't get the mistaken identity at all from this short. Like others have said, the tension building beginning was a little long, but I did like seeing all the recognisable Wellington locations (though the problem with this is I kept thinking, "why would he take such a long route to get to his car?"). The silhouette scene though the door was absolutely gorgeous - the highlight of the whole thing for me.